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Mesoscale Weather Extremes - Theory, Spatial Modeling and Prediction

Petra Friederichs, Tilmann Gneiting, Andreas Hense, Martin Schlather, and Thordis Thorarinsdottir


High-impact extreme weather events, such as heavy rainfall and/or strong winds are very often associated with intensive atmospheric fronts with strong gradients or deep moist convection. These events are governed by mesoscale atmospheric dynamics, operating on horizontal scales ranging from a few to several hundred kilometers. We, a team of atmospheric and mathematical scientists, propose to join forces to work on theory, spatial statistical and dynamical modeling, and prediction for mesoscale weather extremes, to advance prognoses of severe weather events. We intend to create a transdisciplinary research environment that furthers basic science at the cutting edge of meteorology, probability and statistics, while fostering advances across disciplinary boundaries, and reaching out beyond academia. This collaboration will release developments towards a next-generation comprehensive mesoscale prediction system for extreme weather.